Welcome Dr. Sirisha Adamala to American Journal of Agricultural Research

Dr. Sirisha Adamala
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Engineering, Vignan’s University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Sirisha Adamala to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Agricultural Research.

Dr. Sirisha Adamala, completed Ph.D. in the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. The topic of my Ph. D. work was “Evapotranspiration and Evaporation Modeling Using Higher-Order Neural Networks.” The main aim of my research work was to estimate gross reference evapotranspiration (ETo) accurately and reliably, which is vital for planning, managing and efficient use of water resources. For example, one mm loss of water through ETo across one hectare land is equivalent to 10 m3 (10,000 liters) of water. Thus, if one may overestimate the ETo value by one mm, the farmer will have to pay for 10,000 liters of water unnecessarily to one ha field which ultimately lead to increase in cost of cultivation and depletion of water resources.


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