Welcome Dr. Samuel Ohikhena Agele to American Journal of Agricultural Research

Dr.  Samuel Ohikhena Agele 
Department of Crop, Soil & Pest Management,
Federal University of Technology

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr.  Samuel Ohikhena Agele  to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Agricultural Research. Agele, Samuel Ohikhena, PhD, is a Lecture/Researcher in the Department of Crop, Soil & Pest management, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. He joined the services of the Federal University of Technology, Akure in September 1989 as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Crop Production (now Crop, Soil & Pest Management). He has substantial training, and research and teaching experience in Nigeria, Belgium and Israel. He holds an M.Sc from the University of Gent, Gent, Belgium (1992) and PhD in soil-plant relations/plant physiology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria (2000). He participated in the Certificate Course: R&D in Protected Crop Technology & Irrigation at the Institute of Soil, Water & Environmental Sciences, (ARO), Volcani Centre, Israel in 2001 and was a visiting scientist at the Department of Environmental Physics & Irrigation, Institute of Soil, Water & Environmental Sciences, (ARO), Volcani Centre, Israel, between Feb. 2003 and 2004. The training and exposure he has received had impacted positively hence his continuous research productivity which reflects in his output (published articles in local, regional and international Journals of repute and readership). These trainings had enabled him to acquire skills, competence and capacity which had enhanced his productivity and career in teaching, research (R & D) and service to the community. He has published results of his research studies over the years in local, regional and international Journals of repute and Conferences. His major research Fellowships and Grants include: BADC, NARP, Israeli-Mashav, ARO-BARD, World Bank Step-B Projects, and FUTA Senate Research Grants. He is a member of several professional /scientific associations including International Horticultural Science Society (HIS), International Soil Conservation Organisation, International and African Crop Science Society, Soil Science Society of Nigeria, Agricultural Society of Nigeria. Dr. Agele is a brilliant, hardworking and diligent scholar. His academic performance and productivity has been spectacular, and has exhibited continuous research productivity. He is a mature scholar, he has exhibited academic leadership and excellence, ability to collaborate with other scientists. The research focus of Dr. Agele is Ecophysiology of Plants and Soil Water Management He has 79% of his Journal Publications in this aspect, and the remaining in environmental aspects of Crop Protection. The candidate is in a position to give academic leadership in the Institute since his studies sometimes border on evaluating the influence of biotic and abiotic (soil and environmental factors on crops). He has a broad knowledge of the crops and the environment. His publications are generally of high to very high quality, very comprehensively researched, properly articulated objectives and scientifically well discussed using current and adequate bibliography. As a seasoned researcher who has traveled out of the country for training and research activities, this has further strengthened his research skills and scientific knowledge. He publishes well in both local (on shore) and international (off shore) Journals of repute. Prof. Agele had supervised over 40 undergraduate students’ projects (between 1995 till date) and had completed the supervision of over 20 Master’s degree students, and had supervised (major and co-supervisor) to over 10 PhD students to date. He participates very well in administrative activities of the Department, School and the University and had served in various Departmental, School and University Committees. He is the current Chairman of the Editorial Committee of SAAT Agric Conference and a member of the Editorial Board of Applied Tropical Agriculture. He is a member of some local and international scientific societies, editorial board member and reviewer to some International Journals of repute. Dr Agele is a very resourceful lecturer and researcher who takes and executes assignments excellently well. He is very reliable in terms of carrying out sensitive assignments.


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