Welcome Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov Panayotov to American Journal of Agricultural Research

Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov Panayotov
Professor & Head
Department of Horticulture, Agricultural University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov Panayotov to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Agricultural Research.

Scientific scopes
Vegetable crops, especially pepper and cape gooseberry, Breeding and seed production of vegetable crops, Seeed  science, and Organic agriculture.

Organization skills
Member of International Seed Science Sosiety
Member of International Plant Propagators Society
Member of Bulgarian Union of Scientist
Member of Bulgarian Union of Inventors

Teaching of vegetable crop production, Breeding and seed production of vegetable crops, Seed Science, Organic vegetable crop production Bachelor student, Master student, ERASMUS student; Supervisor of PhD students

International projects
1. RER/5/017 “Enhancing Productivity and Quality of Major Food Crops” (МААЕ). 2012-2013 г.
2. RER/5/013 “Evaluation of Natural and Mutant Genetics Diversity in Cereals Using Nuclear and Molecular Techniques” (МААЕ):
Evaluation of natural and mutant resources in Solanaceae food crops for increased of antioxidant effect, 2009-2012
3. CRP 15406 “Evaluation of Natural Resources for Increased Levels of Carotenoids in Crops with Emphasis of Pepper” CRP 15406 “Improving of Nutritional Quality by Altering Concentrations of Enhancing Factors Using Induced Mutation and Biotechnology in Crops” FAO and МААЕ. 2009-continue.
4. 7FP REG POT1 – Unlocking and developing the research potential in the EU’s convergence regions and outermost regions – Activity 4.1). Coordination and support action. Проект “Balkan Vegetable Research Centre for Transfer of European Knowledge Research and Practice”, 2010
5. Program Leonardo de Vinci 2004 г. “Project of Leonardo de Vinci EU Program “Innovation technology and improved vocational training for the production and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables” (The FRELEKTRA Project) – Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece”
6. SCOPES „ Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland”, finance from Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) и Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC) 2013


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