The Wellbeing of the Heterogeneous Older Persons: The Analysis of ‘Going in Style’ Gereontological Comedy Film and Real-life Malaysian Elderly

The Wellbeing of the Heterogeneous Older Persons: The Analysis of ‘Going in Style’ Gereontological Comedy Film and Real-life Malaysian Elderly

Rajeswary S. Rajaratnam

University of Malaya, Malaysia

international journal of aging research

While ageing has become a global phenomenon and received prominent attention due to the rapid increase in the older population, including Malaysia; There has also been an increase in comedy films focusing on old people. Therefore, this study aims to analyse how older persons represented in a gerontological comedy film ‘Going in Style’. This study also aims to relate how older persons represented in this comedy film with real-life situations of Malaysian older people. In meeting these aims, a qualitative research approach through thematic analysis has been adopted. The findings of this study shows how the older person represented in ‘Going in Style’ is similar to real-life situations experienced by some of Malaysian older people. The comedy highlights that ageing is not a single dimensional concept concentrated on physical aspects but is multidimensional, consisting of social,psychological, spiritual and economic and environmental aspects.

Keywords: older person, wellbeing, gerontology, multidimensional

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Rajeswary S. Rajaratnam. The Wellbeing of the Heterogeneous Older Persons: The Analysis of ‘Going in Style’ Gereontological Comedy Film and Real-life Malaysian Elderly. International Journal of Aging Research, 2020, 3:64. DOI: 10.28933/ijoar-2020-03-2505


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