Chemical properties of mango kernel and seed and production of biscuit from wheat-mango kernel flour blends

Chemical properties of mango kernel and seed and production of biscuit from wheat-mango kernel flour blends

Ifesan, B.O.T*

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

International journal of food and nutrition research

Mango seed and kernel are regarded as waste and have been underutilized in the food industry. This study investigated the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of mango kernel and seed flour. In addition, mango kernel flour was employed as composite flour for biscuit production. Proximate composition of mango seed and kernel include; protein (3.58%-10.48%), fat (10.01%-18.00%), crude fibre (2.48%-2.63%) and carbohydrate (64.57%-75.80%). The result of functional properties of flour from mango seed revealed that the seed possessed oil (2.80 g/ml) and water absorption capacities (4.00g/ml) that were significantly higher than that of the kernel. However, the mineral analysis showed that mango kernel had values that were significantly higher than that of the seed in calcium (896.40 mg/100g: 4122.45 mg/100g), potassium (540.50 mg/100g: 376.27 mg/100g) and magnesium (814.53 mg/100g: 474.44 mg/100g). Antioxidant activities exhibited by mango kernel were significantly higher when compared to that of mango seed in the ability to scavenge 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (98.10%; 74.70%), ferric reducing properties(72.18 mg/100g; 52.65 mg/100g), flavonoid content (42.36 mg/100g; 19.01 mg/100g) and phenol (1222.13 mg/100g; 512.33 mg/100g). The proximate composition of the biscuits produced using wheat flour and mango kernel flour in different ratios;95%:5%, 90%:10% and 85%:15% revealed that biscuits from composite flour had protein content that were significantly higher than that of 100% wheat flour (control). Sensory results showed that biscuits from wheat- mango kernel flour were scored above average for overall acceptability.

Keywords: antioxidant activity; biscuit; mango seed and kernel; physicochemical property

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