Clinical Governance Models in the Dental Office

Clinical Governance Models in the Dental Office

Adil Osman Mageet1,2, Maher Abdelfattah Alshayeb1, Abed Atia Elkaseh1

1Ajman University, Faculty of Dentistry, Ajman, UAE;
2Associate Professor of Orthodontics, University of Gezira, Faculty of Dentistry, Wad Madani, Sudan

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

Clinical governance is a comprehensive approach that is not given its weight as a subject at the undergraduate level because either the syllabus is full or there is not enough time. This article aims to facilitate the understanding of clinical governance in the dental office by drawing modules.
These color modules and the ease of structure will tempt the eyes of undergraduate dental students. The benefit is also extended to include the general population to inform them about the importance of dental hospitals to practice a high level of clinical care, thus increasing awareness. Improving the quality of life depends on policies and procedures built on the contemporaneous reliable, evidence-based information. The teaching of clinical governance and legislation and ethics at the undergraduate level should be included in the dental syllabus.
This article will cast a glance at the future of professionalism against the background of increasing expectations from patients.

Keywords: Clinical audit, clinical governance, dental healthcare, effectiveness, risk management

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Adil Osman Mageet, Maher Abdelfattah Alshayeb, Abed Atia Elkaseh. Clinical Governance Models in the Dental Office. International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2020, 3:41. DOI: 10.28933/ijdrr-2020-05-1505


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