Appendiceal diverticulosis: Asymptomatic positive FDG-PET uptake in the appendix should prompt operative management

Appendiceal diverticulosis: Asymptomatic positive FDG-PET uptake in the appendix should prompt operative management

Rebecca Greenop1, Su Kah Goh1, Chiu Kang1, Alexandra Du Guesclin2, Russell Hodgson1, 3

1 Department of Surgery, Northern Health, Epping, Australia; 2 Department of Anatomical Pathology, Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Australia; 3 Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Epping, Australia

Appendiceal diverticulosis is rarely diagnosed and presentation mimics acute appendicitis. It has a documented high malignant risk and increased complication rate and excision is recommended if suspected preoperatively. We report a case of an incidental FDG avid appendiceal lesion on PET scan which was suspected to be an appendiceal neoplasm, however histologically was appendiceal diverticulosis. This is the first case of appendiceal diverticulosis detected via PET scan and we discuss the implications of this.

Keywords: Appendiceal diverticulosis; Asymptomatic positive FDG-PET uptake; appendix

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Rebecca Greenop, Su Kah Goh, Chiu Kang, Alexandra Du Guesclin, Russell Hodgson. Appendiceal diverticulosis: Asymptomatic positive FDG-PET uptake in the appendix should prompt operative management. International Journal of Case Reports, 2021;5:256. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2021-11-15051


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