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    Objective: to identify clinical, epidemiological aspects and treatment of the oral cancer. Methods: It is a literature review, through a qualitative research, carried out by searching scientific articles in Lilacs, Scielo, Medline databases and periodical portals such as VHL and PUBMED, It was used as an inclusion criterion, articles from the last 5 years, selected based on their link with the proposed theme. Results: Mouth cancer is defined as a multifactorial chronic disease, in which male individuals over 40 years old have been the most affected, with the tongue and the floor of the mouth being the most prevalent. The characteristics commonly found in affected patients are erythroplastic, leukoplastic and ulceration spots, being generally asymptomatic. In Brazil, in 2018, there were 4,923 deaths from cancer of the oral cavity of men and 1,372 deaths of women. The most well-known risk factors include smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, among other risk factors, there is unprotected exposure to the sun. If diagnosed early and treated properly, most cases of this type of cancer (80% of them) are curable. Treatment usually involves cancer surgery and / or radiation therapy. Final Considerations: it is a multifactorial disease that mostly affects men aged 40 and being the largest number in deaths. Its main risk factors include smoking and the excessive use of alcohol, and when it is diagnosed at the beginning, 80% of them can be cured.


    Objective: To evaluate the susceptibility to infection by the genus sporothrix spp.; targeting patients with immunosuppression due to the use of inadequate medication, seropositive patients (carriers of Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome – HIV) and alcoholics dependents. Method: This is an integrative review of the literature available in the PUBMED database, using the descriptors: “Sporotrichosis”, “Fungi” and “Sporothrix”, duly registered in MeSH, using the boolean operator AND. A total of 128 articles were found and evaluated and, at the end, 15 were selected to compose this review. The inclusion criteria were: full articles, available free of charge, published in English between 2010 and 2020. Results: Sporotrichosis is clinically characterized in fixed cutaneous, lymphocutaneous, disseminated cutaneous and extracutaneous. Frequently the appearance of disseminated cutaneous sporotrichosis occurs especially in immunosuppressed individuals. The four cases evaluated have as etiological agent in common, the genus Sporothrix spp., distinguishing the species, the contagion, clinical aspects and their susceptibility factors. Conclusion: However, most cases of sporotrichosis are related to a dysfunction of the immune system. As well, the unusual cases characterize a challenge to reliable diagnosis and can often lead to a wrong pharmacological therapy.


    Objective: To analyze the applicability of glutamine in the recovery of the nutritional and physiological status of burn patients. Methods: Study based on a literary review taken from reliable sources such as: The Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo), Pubmed, Bireme, Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences (Lilacs), Virtual Health Library, the descriptors used were: glutamine ; nutritional therapy; burned; nutrition therapy; burned patients; glutamine, published in the last eleven years (2009-2020). Results: The research was carried out in a literary review format 30 full documents were read, 23 scientific articles were used, 3 bases of the Ministry of Health, 7 were postponed, the arguments used in the composition of the article, were the answer to the problem about applicability about the nutrient with immunomodulatory function glutamine for the recovery of the nutritional and physiological state of burn patients. Conclusion: The research argued about the use of glutamine in the treatment of large burn patients, through data obtained by literary analysis. The results obtained will contribute to the guidelines on the use of immunonutrients to improve the immune response, modulate the inflammatory response, reduce the rates of infectious complications, bringing a possible reduction in hospitalization costs. However, there is a need for further studies focused on this topic, in order to make the benefits of these immunonutrients appreciable for the scientific community, especially in terms of nutritional support more appropriate to supplementation and the recommendation of these nutrients.


    INTRODUCTION: In Brazil, cardiovascular diseases are the major causes of death among adults and the elderly. Cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) consists of the cessation of activities of the heart, circulation and breathing, recognized by the absence of a pulse or signs of circulation, with the patient unconscious OBJECTIVE: To analyze the nurse’s contribution in the assistance of Basic Life Support in Stoppage Cardiorespiratory. METHODS: The present study is a literature review about the assistance of nurses in cardiorespiratory arrest. The search for literary sources took place in October 2018, using only the online version in the database; SCIELO (Scientific Electronic Librany Online); MEDLINE / BVS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online / Virtual Health Library) and LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences). RESULTS: The study showed that nurses, through their care, are an essential and trained professional to diagnose and attend a PCR. CONCLUSION: It is possible to observe that PCR is a serious situation that requires from the nursing team scientific knowledge that can be used quickly and systematically, as well as defined protocols and teamwork so that the assistance provided is as qualified as possible, since its recognition until post-PCR care; since nursing is responsible for the continuous care of the individual, therefore, this professional category is responsible for a significant part of all assistance provided to the PCR victim.

  • Posterolateral uterine rupture in scarred uterus complicated by external iliac vein injury

    Uterine wall rupture is a rare yet catastrophic complication of pregnancy with a high mortality rate of both the mother and the fetus. The condition could be classified according to etiology into primary unscarred uterus, and secondary scarred uterus or according to the site of rupture. Our case presented with scarred uterine rupture through a posterolateral injury. The patient had history of 3 previous CS and a D&C procedure. The rupture was complicated by EIV injury. Uterine rupture does not always present with profound manifestations of shock especially in posterior wall rupture and timely management ensures the best possible outcome. Finally, meticulous examination of the anatomically related structures and vessels, and the repair of any associated injuries, is essential.

  • Mask mandate and use efficacy for COVID-19 containment in US States

    Background: COVID-19 pandemic mitigation requires evidence-based strategies. Because COVID-19 can spread via respired droplets, most US states mandated mask use in public settings. Randomized control trials have not clearly demonstrated mask efficacy against respiratory viruses, and observational studies conflict on whether mask use predicts lower infection rates. We hypothesized that statewide mask mandates and mask use were associated with lower COVID-19 case growth rates in the United States. Methods: We calculated total COVID-19 case growth and mask use for the continental United States with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. We estimated post-mask mandate case growth in non-mandate states using median issuance dates of neighboring states with mandates. Results: Earlier mask mandates were not associated with lower total cases or lower maximum growth rates. Earlier mandates were weakly associated with lower minimum COVID-19 growth rates. Mask use predicted lower minimum but not lower maximum growth rates. Growth rates and total growth were comparable between US states in the first and last mask use quintiles during the Fall-Winter wave. These observations persisted for both natural logarithmic and fold growth models and when adjusting for differences in US state population density. Conclusions: We did not observe association between mask mandates or use and reduced COVID-19 spread in US states. COVID-19 mitigation requires further research and use of existing efficacious strategies, most notably vaccination.


    Objective: Describe the sensitivity of notification and investigation of deaths eligible in the Mortality Information System and occurred in hospitals that make up the State Hospital Epidemiological Surveillance Network of Pernambuco. Methods: Fetal, infant, maternal and women of childbearing deaths that occurred in 2015 in the 29 hospitals of the State Network VEH/PE were selected. For analysis, the notification, investigation and updating of the SIM WEB module was considered, relating the SIM bases and spreadsheets of the VEH/PE Network and sensitivity was estimated by the capture and recapture method. Results: 54,0% of the deaths in Pernambuco came from the VEH/PE Network. 80,0% of infant and maternal deaths were reported by the VEH/PE Network immediately. In the set of analyzed deaths, the capture and recapture method estimated a slight loss in capture, with a sensitivity of 99,9% for both sources of record. And, in the investigation, greater sensitivity, for the VEH/PE spreadsheet (98,6%). The SIM had a lower magnitude (2,9%) of underreporting in the collection and a higher proportion (43,3%) of underreporting in the information from the hospital investigation source in the SIM WEB module. Conclusion: These results can contribute to reducing the underreporting of capture and information on hospital investigation in the SIM WEB module and allow knowledge about the causes and circumstances that determined or favored the occurrence of death in order to analyze the avoidability, planning and evaluation of maternal and child health actions.


    Objective: To verify in te literature what the articles refer to about teleodontology in Covid-19 times. Methods: This is a bibliographic study, critical Reading of a scientific article, like a narrative review carried out through research of scientific articles in the SCIELO, PUBMED and LILACS databases, based on the keywords: Covid-19; Dentistry; Teleodontology. Results: Teleodontology was approved in Brazil, by the Federal Council of Dentistry, in resolution CFO-226, of June 4, 2020, which regulates the practice of distance dentistry (CFO, 2020), however teleconsultations are prohibited (virtual diagnosis) and teleprescriptions. The literature is unanimous in recognizing that the new social, educational and assistance reality favors the use of teleodontology as a complemente to traditional teaching methods and resource capable of assistin patient care, contributing to the improvement and controlo f oral health, care integral and humanized mediated by technology. However, in Brazil, technology is still not available to everyone, which may result in limiting learning, assistance and aggravating existing social inequality. Conclusion: Teleodontology proved to be a valuable technological tool and can be excelente, allowing interaction and integration, in the teaching/learning process, as well as in teleassistance, provided that all actors have access to the internet and know how to use it.


    Objectives: The research objective was to present the main techniques for identifying pathogenic microorganisms and the application of new technologies for the clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases. Methods: It was made a search for free and recent journals available online in the databases of Pubmed (National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes), Lilacs (Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences), and Scielo (Scientific Electronic Library Online), based on keywords related to the proposed theme. Results: From the researched literature, it was possible to verify that conventional techniques, despite their limitations, are still widely used for the identification and microbial characterization. However, in the last decades, molecular methods have been widely inserted in the laboratory routine seeking to increase the capacity to detect infectious agents with high sensitivity, specificity, speed, and low cost. Among the various techniques, amplification of DNA sequences is highlighted by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, and other variations of PCR. In addition to these, new technologies have been developed, such as new generation sequencing (NGS) and Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/ionization-time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). Conclusion: The development of new technologies that allow rapid, sensitive, reproducible, and low-cost microbial identification, it is of great relevance for clinical microbiology, and consequently, for public health.

  • Association Between Perceived Academic Stress And Suicide Behavior Among College Students From Pernambuco

    OBJECTIVES: To verify whether there is an association between perceived academic stress and suicidal behavior in young people in the university community. METHOD: Cross-sectional study approved by ethics committee (n°2,581,563), with a sample of 609 undergraduates from the Federal University of Pernambuco from: health, human sciences and exact sciences from 17 to 50 years. For the collection, we used: Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, Questionnaire of Academic Experiences reduced version, and a sociodemographic questionnaire. The data were tabulated in the SPSS program in version 21.0. Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques were used for analysis, considering a significance level of 5%. RESULTS: Of the sociodemographic data, 34.6% (n=211) were in the age group of 21 to 23 years, the majority were female, 64.5% (n=393). There was a significant difference in economic organization, the university students of human sciences presented lower per capita family income than health students (p