American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews

  • Investigation of the Effects of the Different Training Program to the Success Applied to Long Distance Athletes With Athletics Sports in Ağri

    The main purpose of this research is to demonstrate the alternative training programs applied to professional national athletes performing athletics in Ağrı and the effects of such training programs upon the athletes’ success. For this purpose, the related literature has been examined in order to give detailed information about the research problem. Within the scope of the research, an alternative training program was applied to national athletes performing athletics and a solution to the research problem is sought through the obtained findings. 10 male national team athletes among 23-25 age group, regularly exercising the alternative training program developed by M. Şirin Gönen participated in the study. The study is divided into 2 phases. The first phase is taken as the Preparation Phase while the second one is the Competition Phase. 1st and 2nd phases continued for three months (November-December-January) during which same training programs were repeated by the athletes each month. At the end of January, the athletes were given a 5.000 meters of a test run and the results obtained were recorded. In the Competition Phase, a new training program for the competition period was developed and applied to the athletes through the obtained data. The grades obtained before and after the practice have been determined, compared and evaluated. The Preparation Periods and the Competition Periods of the training athletes and the time intervals they have achieved after the training are shown in Table 1-2-3-4. The results of the competition has been announced on Turkish Athletics Federation official web page.

  • Comparison of Doping Knowledge Levels of Two Different University Learning Students

    The aim of this study was to determine the doping knowledge levels of the students of Ağrı İbrahim Chechen University School of Physical Education and Sports and Atatürk University Faculty of Education Physical Education and Sports Teaching Department. Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University 200 students studying at the School of Physical Education and Sports 334 students studying at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching at Ataturk University Faculty of Education have been applied and a total of 534 questionnaires have been evaluated. The scope validity, comprehensibility and reliability of the questionnaire consisting of 32 questionnaires in order to determine the level of doping information was made by enthusiasm and cronbach alpha reliability coefficient in the 2006-2007 school year was determined as 0.92. (0.80


    Each art period or movement has been an effective form of expression for its time and mostly emerged as reaction to the previous art movement. This study discusses the emergence cubism as a form of artistic expression and its style through the works and examines the composer Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in the context of cubism. For cubism, the deformation of the usual, objective order of the universe appears as an inevitable mandatory principle. With this movement, it is possible to reshape the form in different ways through formlessness, to distort all and reincorporate all known forms and achieve new forms. In the heart of cubism, there lies the principle of expressing the idea of imagining and describing the things that happen in separate places together as if they are happening at the same time, by combining it with the pleasure of confusion. Cubism is a window opening to modern art and the most important step taken on this path. The influences of cubism have manifested themselves in the different musical structure of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. His music (the main theme) has been built on a rhythmic structure that can be defined as complex. The spontaneous and intuitive and impulsive reflection of artist’s impressions regarding the object, is evident in the intuitive rhythm, chord and unique texture of Stravinsky’s work. It is expressed that there is no intellectual system used in the formation of the harmonic language of the “Rite of Spring”, that it is only based on inner perception.

  • Teenage Violence in Secondary Schools in Anambra State: Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions

    The study of the causes, effects and possible solutions to teenage violence in secondary schools was carried out in Onitsha Education Zone of Anambra State. The schools used for the study were randomly selected. The population of the study comprised 2932 students. The sample for this study consisted of 1743 subjects representing 60 percent of each stratum. The instrument used was a questionnaire. The instrument was duly validated by experts and the reliability index was 0.94 which was considered adequate for the study. The instrument was administered by the researcher with the help of research assistants. The direct approach method was used. Mean scores were used in data analysis. The results obtained indicated that the causes of teenage violence included anti social family background, negative media information, making the teenager behave anti-socially affecting their lives, that of their families and the society at large. However an administrator should be concerned with the mental and social growth of students and also establish guidelines and procedures to protect the students and provide for their emotional growth. It was also recommended that the teachers should endeavour to become approachable and assessable and be role models by-being non-judgmental and supportive in their dealing with students.

  • Strategies for Enhancing Peace Education for National Security in Nigeria

    This work is a product of library research. The purpose was to discuss national security in Nigeria in relation to peace education. The concepts of peace education and national security were presented. The reasons for national security were discussed. The researchers also articulated the efforts so far made in Nigeria to promote national security. The work also articulated the importance of peace education to national security. The major challenges to national security in Nigeria were highlighted and strategies for enhancing peace education for national security were documented. Part of the suggestions was that elders at family and society levels should show good examples and inculcate in the children, the culture of tolerance and coexistence in the plural society, as well as teaching them patriotism and civic responsibilities to the nation over and above allegiance to tribe or ethnicity as a way of achieving national security in Nigeria.

  • Composition Style Of Modern Turkish Composer Cemal Reşit Rey

    Having been one of the first generation composers in the history of Turkish Republic, Cemal Reşit Rey (1904- 1985) is an important artist who served much as a pianist, conductor and educator. He helped the advance of Turkish composition through his works. Therefore, Cemal Reşit Rey and his works are worth to be examined. With this study, it was aimed to bring a new perspective on the works and composition style of Cemal Reşit Rey. When the compositions of Rey were examined, four different periods were observed in terms of style and composition technic: 1st period (1912-1926) was “tonal formation and development in creation”; 2nd period (1926–1930) was “ethno-folkloric formation and development in creation”; 3rd period (1931–1946) was “modal-mystic formation and development in creation”; and 4th period (1946–1983) was “back to tonality and mixed practices in creation”. He composed a total of 85 known pieces which demonstrated different style, pattern, form and musical characteristics. Most of his works were symphony, symphonic poem, suite, rhapsody and concerto.

  • Regulation Of Learning And Results Of Baccalaureat In Science

    The educational action of the teacher plays a central role in the school success of students. In fact educational organisation of teaching sequencies influences greatly on the rates success of students (learners) particularly in certified Exams. It is the case of baccalaureat [A level certification) exam (Baccalaureat: Secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university, High school diploma), Bac. A (Arts based) Bac. C, D (science based)] in science in the secondary school of Mayo –Kebbi East where the rate of global success is too low (8,40% in 2014). This study has the interest in the impact of implementation of educational pratices of teachers in the situation of the classes for the success in Baccalaureat of the students in science senior secondary school (Terminal, Serie C, D). It is structures in three parts as follow : the introduction that states the main question, the methodology that describes the adopted approaches to realize the study, the results from collected data in the field the discussion that confrontes the collected data in the beginning and lastly the conclusion that makes the assessment evaluation of this study.


    In this study, based on women music teachers thoughts about stage performance field, to detect the problem types they have about stage performances, what kind of activities they do with their instruments or why they don’t do those activities a survey was applied which is one of the qualitative research method. For this purpose, the survey was applied to 54 woman music teachers who serve in our country. In result of survey, frequency and percentage analysis’s of obtained data is made with SPSS v.17 program. Data obtained from the survey results were analyzed by SPSS v.17 in terms of frequency and percentage. Data were scrutinized and views related to the subject were presented. In theoretical part of the study, theoretical base of the research was enriched with literature review. As a result of the study it was detected that woman music teachers have concern about stage performance and social and cultural structure where they live affects their stage experiences. It is concluded that Because of some feminine responsibilities, they need more time to improve themselves professionally. It is determined that men are more dominant then women in stage experience. In this study, we see that lessons for instrument training are not sufficient enough to prepare the students Professional or private stage experiences.

  • Intertextuality and pastiche Technoques of Mark Twain Select Novels

    William Dean Howells remembered Twain as “entirely satisfied with the result of the Civil War and . . . eager to have its facts and meanings brought out at once in history.[19] By 1881, Twain had observed the consequences of the Civil War and felt that the freedmen needed help in their new roles in society. Hence twain uses in his two novels Intersexuality and Pastiche techniques. Which means an important element of postmodernism is its acknowledgment of previous literary works. The intersexuality of certain works of postmodern fiction, the dependence on literature that has been created earlier, attempts to comment on the situation in which both literature and society found themselves in the second half of the 20th century: living, working, and creating on the backs of those that had come before.

  • Violence among Nigerian Adolescents: A Threat to National Security

    Violence among adolescents or youths is a universal problem, and it is so serious that it can have negative effects on victims and their families, friends and communities.. It is a phenomenon which in practice has led to a near breakdown of law and order, low productivity due to disruption of production activities, increasing crime rate, intra-ethnic hostilities, and harassment of prospective developers and other criminal tendencies. These alarming incidences of youth violence provoke this paper to identify types of youth violence, causes, effects, counselling strategies and recommendations. In conclusion, effective counselling to youths could go a long way in curbing violence. The role of counselling in the management of behaviour cannot be neglected; this is because a counsellor is the only professionally trained person who possesses the personal and professional skills required in managing such behavioural problem.