Junjie Lin, Lele Wang, Xiaodan Fan, Jingyu Wu, Zhou Wang, Chunmei Qi*

Department of Cardiology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221000

Objective: To study the correlation between various risk factors and coronary CTA calcification score ( CACS ) in young and middle-aged male patients with coronary heart disease by multiple linear regression, and to predict plaque properties by Mahalanobis distance discrimination method. This study provides evidence for early clinical evaluation of the extent of coronary artery calcification and the property of plaque in patients having suffered coronary heart disease.

Methods: choose 98 male patients under 55 years old with coronary heart disease randomly and collecte relevant medical history data and test results while in hospital.Utilizing the theory of multiple linear regression and Mahalanobis distance discriminant to analyse these dates.

Results: Factors including hypertension classification×years, number of cigarettes smoked(packs / week )×years,and time of diabetes(years) have a positive correlation between CACS respectively. Comparing calcified plaque and vulnerable plaque, mixed plaque and vulnerable plaque,there is a significant differences ( p < 0.01) while hs-CRP and IL-6 are as the indicator. Mahalanobis distance discrimination method has a discrimination accuracy of 91.83 % for the group wrih susceptible factors only.

Conclusion: The model of predicting the extent of coronary artery calcification by multiple linear regression has high reliability. Vulnerable plaques can be distinguished from plaques of other properties efficiently using Mahalanobis distance discrimination method.

Keywords: Multiple linear regression; Mahalanobis distance discrimination; Coronary CTA calcification score; Vulnerable plaques; IL-6

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Junjie Lin, Lele Wang, Xiaodan Fan, Jingyu Wu, Zhou Wang, Chunmei Qi.Analyse the risk factors of coronary heart disease in young and middle – aged male patients using multivariate statistical.American Journal of Cardiology Research and Reviews, 2021, 4:14. DOI:10.28933/ajcrar-2021-10-2505

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