Research Status of Power Allocation of Combine Harvester

Research Status of Power Allocation of Combine Harvester

Ping Jiang, Aoqi Zhang, Yujie Deng, Huawei Liu, Haoze Li, Guohai Zhang*

School of Agricultural Engineering And Food Science, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China.

The development of combine harvester has greatly promoted the development of global agricultural mechanization, In this paper, a large number of research results related to power allocation of combine harvesters were collected, The development status of combined harvester transmission system and power test system is summarized through analysis and selection, It is found that there are few researches on the power distribution of the combine harvester, so it is necessary to further study the related research of the combine harvester.

Fund project: The project of the agricultural machinery equipment R&D and innovation plan in Shandong Province(2016YF026,2018YF006); The project of the Talent Team Cultivation Program for Superior Disciplines of Universities in Shandong Province(2016-2020)

Keywords: Combine harvester; Transmission system; Power test system

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Ping Jiang, Aoqi Zhang, Yujie Deng, Huawei Liu, Haoze Li, Guohai Zhang. Research Status of Power Allocation of Combine Harvester. American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2021; 6:113. DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2021-03-1505


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